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I know the title seems a little strange for one that sells tea!  But I wanted to share how people can have an impact on you and your business..

I have never been an exhibitor at a craft fair or anything like that, so I was just a little nervous, thinking, what will people think of my stall, will people like loose leaf tea, will they like the packaging, what will they think of me... so many judgmental thoughts went through my mind.  So here I am, with my daughter at my first fair, well before I have even finished setting up a lady called Queenie came over to me and said to me 'wow your stall looks amazing' and she was my first sale of the day with some Fruit & Blossom Rooibos Tea, and even more amazing she was going to use the tea for tea leaf reading!  

My point of this story, is that one lady in one moment made all my nerves go in one sentence, her kindness and conversation to me made me feel positive for the day.  Then I had the pleasure of a lady called Jane who had a stall next to mine, she had never used sum up before so before we even exchanged names, I was helping her load sum up on her phone so that she was ready for the show.  We chatted and laughed throughout the whole day, so because of these two people and their genuine act of just being good people they made my first craft show a great day.

My next fair was a school fair, WOW, what lovely people again, everyone helping get set up, it felt like a community, no judgements, just good people!  Again, I was nervous as this was my first outside fair and had more on display... one comment I received was "wow if there was an award for the best stand you would win without a doubt"!  I mean I was beaming from ear to ear!  Then it just seemed that everyone was complementing me on the stand and saying how beautiful it looked and the products were brilliant.  We sold so much tea, people were loving the idea of trying natural!

I met some wonderful people across these two fairs that just made me feel like what I am doing is all worth it... just a few positive words from people can make such a difference to someone... 

Heather xx


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