A new journey begins...

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As I write these words of how a new journey is beginning, I have to admit I never thought that we would be here so soon!  Enchanted Forest Tea was born from a simple conversation. I was talking about how much I felt like my life needed something different, I was already on a new spiritual journey and I guess this awakened within me a want and need to do something else. I was asked “Ok, if you could do any job right now what would it be” without hesitation I answered “I would love to own a tea room and make my own teas”.

That night I went home and actually thought about what do I really want to do, I searched deep and thought long and hard and I still came to the same answer, I wanted to make herbal teas!

I did have a 2 year plan of starting off small with just 5 or so tea blends, then in a year I could add in hampers, events, zen hens… well that 2 year plan is already out of the window as here we are in April 2019 and we are already doing these things, with 13 blends of tea already, only 5 months after I first spoke about it all!

So, let the journey begin…


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